For over 20 years, HDI Instruments, LLC (“HDI”) continues to be a world leader in providing battery operated, intrinsically safe, certified Gauge Systems.

In addition to these field proven, stand-alone Gauge Systems, HDI also provides complete Choke Consoles and Mud Gas Separator Monitoring Systems which incorporate a series of Gauge Systems integrated for the individual rig’s needs.

Lastly, HDI offers “V” series options for these Monitoring Systems that facilitate remote, virtual monitoring as needed. HDI’s Valve Position Indicator System is incorporated into the “V” series to monitor the rig’s manual gate valves’ position.

HDI remains a leader in well control technology and continues to expand its current line of accurate, reliable products to ensure safety and exceed all current regulatory conditions. Please contact HDI at info@hdigauges.com regarding quotes, questions, concerns, or feedback. We are easy to find and strive to improve every day.





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