Houston Digital Instruments’ core focus is safe, reliable instrumentation. These instruments continuously monitor pressure, temperature, pump stroke counts, and choke positions. With instrumentation on over 90% of the offshore drilling rigs worldwide, as well as a strong presence on land applications, HDI, with respect to well control and specifically low pressure readings, has enhanced the industry’s safety, accuracy, and reliability while ensuring less down time.

With the recent introduction of the HDI 2250 Valve Position Indicator System and the HDI 3200 Mud Gas Separator Monitoring System, HDI continues to innovate and expand upon our fieldproven platform of products. HDI’s line of products are hand built for each rig’s specifications allowing for the level of customization needed in the industry.

Recently, HDI has expanded its company’s personnel to ensure its sound products be complimented with strong service and support.


HDI Instruments, LLC (“HDI”) was founded in 1990 by William S. Condon, Harold J. Fenn, Richard C. McLatchy, and Jon D. deSilva who, with their combined experience of over 60 years in instrumentation design solutions, field service, and sales saw a compelling need by the oil industry for accurate, reliable, and safe monitoring instrumentation. By 1991, the collaboration of these men resulted in the development of the HDI 2000 Pressure Gauge System, a 6” panel
gauge system for choke panels and driller’s cabins that remain the standard of the industry to this day.

For over 20 years, HDI has built upon the success of the HDI 2000 to develop a family of products suited for well control. Our success comes from the industry’s recognition that HDI manufactures reliable Systems that perform as specified. The future holds enormous potential for growth worldwide, and HDI will continue to provide robust oilfield equipment that will enhance the safety of its customers.


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